Life is Art is Life … performance

Saturday September 12 8pm, donations gratefully received.

The Blue Smoke Factory 1999-2000

Claire Elizabeth Barratt – movement,
Patrick Pierce – sound & poetry
Qfwfq Duo:
Greg Kowalski – video,
Andrea Pensado – sound
Marc Bisson – guitar & objects,
Mike Funaiole – analog synth!

I watched Greg setting up last night, fine-tuning his video projection to work with Patrick’s sculpture. The visual result is totally amazing, has to be seen to be believed 8^)

So drop by Saturday night to see Greg and hear Andrea …

Composer and sound artist Andrea Pensado teamed up with digital artist Greg Kowalski in Krakow, Poland, in 1997 to form Qfwfq Duo. The Duo’s main concern has been live sound-image interaction and the use of movement to articulate complex sounds and digital visual material. Their work is highly performative and often involves the use of sensors and/or motion-tracking devices. They moved to Salem, MA after having lived 5 years in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Here’s a video by Steve Albert of Marc and Mike’s performance –

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