Explorations in Sound, Visual and Movement Arts
Murray Hall,
Main Street, Livermore Falls ME

While Claire Elizabeth Barratt and Patrick Pierce transform the gallery for their month-long installation/performance opening Tuesday September 1, here’s a weekend of great music, visual and movement improvisation. Many of these artists have performed at 119 Gallery.

Thursday evening August 20
7:00 The Erskine Band
7:10 Tom Hamilton [NY]
7:25 Offset Needle Radius [NH]
7:55 Johan Nystrom [PA]
8:20 Noel Walsh [ME]
8:40 Katt Hernandez [PA]
9:00 Les Trois Etoiles [ME]
9:40 Tom Hamilton & Jacqueline Martelle [NY]
10:25 Red of Rebel Red [ME]
10:55 Jed Speare & Forrest Larson [MA]
11:35 Tom Hamilton, Al Margolis, Katherine Liberovskaya [NY]
12:05 Josev Gates

Friday evening August 21
7:00 Gioia
7:45 Katt Hernandez & Audrey Chen [PA, MD]
8:05 Tom Hamilton, Al Margolis, Mike Silverton [NY]
8:30 Killick
9:05 Phil Poirier [Livermore Falls]
9:35 Core Duo: Joe Burgio, Walter Wright [MA]
9:55 Greg Boardman, Audrey Chen, Katt Hernandez [ME, PA, MD]
10:25 If, Bwana [NY]
10:55 Tom Hamilton [NY]
11:10 Patter Cubs[ME]
11:55 Little Mystery [MA]
12:40 Relay for Death

Saturday August 22
7:00 Joshua DeScherer
7:30 Audrey Chen [MD]
8:05 Tom Hamilton [NY]
8:20 Martin Chartrand
8:45 Amalgam Trio: Joe Burgio, Katt Hernandez, Walter Wright [PA, MA]
9:00 Nicole LePera [ME]
9:15 Birdorgan: Marc Bisson, deiX, Mike Dailey, Mike Fun [NH, MA]
9:50 Jacqueline Martelle [NY]
10:05 Skinny Vinny: Andy Eisenberg, Josh Jefferson [MA]
10:35 Tom Hamilton, Al Margolis [NY]
11:00 Qfwfq Duo: Greg Kowalski, Andrea Pensado [MA]
11:30 Chris Cathode [ME]
12:15 Id m Theft Able [ME]
12:35 Cave Bears [MA]

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