New Page: Artists, 2008

Artists who have shown work and/or performed at 119 Gallery
January 1 – December 31, 2008

During the year we had a total of 160 artists in the gallery. We had traditional and new media artists showing work in our exhibit program. We had musicians performing weekly; everything from art punk to free improvisation and noise. We had film and video makers screening their work. We had workshops and classes in everything from circuit building to yoga and movement. Of these artists 40 were local, that is from Lowell; 80 were from the region (most of them from the Boston area); and 40 were from outside the region or from outside the country. We had artists from Canada, Germany, and Scandinavia. Here’s a summary –

40 local artists
80 regional artists
40 national and international artists
160 artists total

Check out artists, 2008 for the artists name and links to their websites.

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