Tuesday July 21 – Saturday August 1 12noon – 5pm
Reception: Tuesday July 28 7pm

Che Arrajj
Risa Caires
Jennifer Cloutier
Mike Dailey
Danielle Leone
Rick Stec

“On May 26, 2009, ARTBEAT! and 119 Gallery opened in a format completely foreign to artists and audience alike. At 7pm resident DJs The Deck Demons were ready to spin, Kinetics was preparing to host, and six artists from the Lowell Community were staring at six blank canvasses about to embark on what Cory Felt described as, ‘the most intense I have ever done artistically.’

“As the host, music, artists, and crowd kicked off the event, the pressure was on and everyone was wondering what would come next!

“The six artists Jennifer Cloutier, Mike Dailey, Anthony Devine, Setheyney Pen, Rick Stec, and Writous felt the pressure but they also sought the release that putting brush, hand, paint, or pen to canvas can bring. What you see here, in the gallery, was created as a musical canvas, in which each artist had time limits working on one canvas before being signaled to move to the right to the next canvas. Artists had to collaborate with one another working with whatever the last person had added to the painting as well as attempting to bring their own flair to each canvas they moved to.

“The artists sweat it out for four hours working frantically to add one more thing, one more layer to the paintings. The wondered silently and aloud, what each artists would do next! Everyone wanted to see the final products; everyone wanted to know what would become of this mash=up of music, art, and individual expression. The crowd wondered if it would all come together, if it would ever actually get done, if anything would look like a complete piece.

“This ARTBEAT! was an intense ride for the artist and the crowd. They were eating it up like voyeurs! Ultimately a success, this ARTBEAT! inspired at least one individual, an outsider, an ARTBEAT! virgin, to dive into the scene with a vengeance.

“The efforts of all the artists, those committing paint to canvas as well as those committing beat to eardrums made for an event that was truly unforgettable. Hazzah!”

— Risa Caires

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