April 24 – May 23, Tuesday – Saturday 12noon – 5pm
Reception: Saturday May 9 3 – 6pm
Screening and Trans-Atlantic Performance with Lucy Thane and Red Shoe Films, London GB

Tin Can Telecommunications!
The brand new iCAN
Party Lines!
Tin Can Phone Tower!
Animated Videos in Suitcases!
A brand new Performance Piece!

In 1858, the first successful messages were sent over a transatlantic cable which spanned Valentia, Ireland to Heart’s Content, Newfoundland. After some tests, in August of 1858, Queen Victoria of England, and President Buchanan of the United States exchanged congratulations. In September of 1858, the cable stopped working.

Produced by the ASTRODIME TRANSIT AUTHORITY for the Boston Cyberarts Festival 2009.

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One Response to CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?

  1. 119 Gallery says:

    On Saturday, March 21, the intrepid AstroDames did a Happening Event on Newbury Street in Boston, going up Boylston Street, and ending at the Apple Store. Our research objective was to find out what initial consumer response would be to the iCAN.

    We met at the Tealuxe (aka our Green Room) on Newbury Street. We put on our vests and starting walking down the street.

    We had some compliments on our system from a woman on Newbury Street. We also almost bumped into several shoppers, clad in black, talking on their cell phones. When Mary Ann and Julia had their iCANs, we noted that they were having the problems of crowd avoidance while talking on the iCAN.

    We headed up Boylston with Bebe and the trusty AstroBike (TM) carrying our equipment and refreshments. A gentleman asked us if he could try the iCAN (TM). we gave it to him, and he said into the phone “Can you hear me now?”. Our studies show that lots of people are compelled to say “Can you hear me now?” when talking into a tin can.

    We finally parked ourselves in front of the Apple Store, where much to my surprise, lots of tourists were already taking pictures. (kind of like going to the Hard Rock Cafe).

    Bebe suggested we test out our new text messaging feature, which we expect to add on to the after-Beta version. Preliminary feedback has been pretty good … although some of the messages get stuck en route. But that’s why they call it Beta, right?

    Security came out from the Apple Store … a tall gentlemen who told us that since Apple owns the ENTIRE sidewalk, we had to move on. As we disputed this, a guy pulling out of a parking space in front of the store offered us his parking spot (he still had an hour left). We moved the 4 of us and the bike into the spot, only to be yelled at by people in cars who wanted the spot (we still had one hour of time!).

    Not wanting to be run over, we moved out of the parking spot next to the bike parking, still across from the Apple store. We were getting cold and decided to pack up. As we were preparing to leave, a woman who introduced herself as the “Bitch of Boylston Street” told us we had every right to be on that part of the sidewalk, and if the security personnel came out again, she would call the police on our behalf.

    We thanked her, but by now we were really cold and needed to get coffee or something. Maybe we’ll take her up on her offer next time!

    -sam smiley