Lowell Poetry Network

Thursday April 23 6:30pm, $3 covers the snacks

Gather at the Gallery to eat, to drink, to see, and to hear poetry’s creative extraordinaires, Jerry Beck and Ed Marshall, followed by funny, flaunting open-mic’ers.

Janet’s Jamboree. The girl just wants to have fun! Bring your poem. I expect a full-house poetry party. Any questions?

Email: JANETIZE@aol.com

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One Response to Lowell Poetry Network

  1. 119 Gallery says:

    The most recent LPN event held at Gallery 119 was exactly what Janet Stevenson promised it would be : A party and a wonderful one!

    Jerry Beck rolled us in laughter and appreciation as he read a loving and comprehensive tribute to his Nana. Ed Marshall led the audience to the discovery of the “lost lyrics” of That’s Amore, one of Dean Martin’s big hits. Open mic readers brought forth more poems while Bill Perrault kept his video camera rolling. The audience was appreciative — and no one went without well-deserved applause for his or her contribution. And as is true for all great parties, the food was great!

    Thanks to Janet and her crew for making this happen. And a big thank you to 119 Gallery for hosting these monthly events.

    With appreciation,
    Paula S. McCarron