Perspectives: Paintings from UMass Lowell

Tuesday April 7 – Saturday April 18 12noon – 5pm
Reception Saturday April 11 3 – 6pm

Savitha Devisetti
Rachel Farese
Stephanie Flynn
Alexander Giavis
Megan Gropper
Amy Hoehn
Denise Manseau
Rosanne Mattheson
Stephen Mishol
Sarah Morkunas
Jeremy Nash
Samnang Riebe
Jacqueline Szmyt
Hali Vik

Painting as a form has proven resilient and inexhaustible over the years. Expanding with each artist’s desire to paint, it remains in a long process of defining itself as a form. Abstract or representational, perceptual or invented, each new painting contributes to this process.

The work in this show exists as statements celebrating painting’s perseverance. For each of the participating artists it’s a simple matter – painters make paintings – but the divergent sensibilities and attitudes make it anything but simple. From the visceral to the intellectual, each painter offers glimpses into their fascination with this material and the magic it holds for them; sharing an engagement with lived experiences, they use the language of painting to give their ideas structure and presence. As seen in this exhibition, painting still continues to reinvent itself – persistently remaining contemporary.

Curated by Professor Stephen Mishol, UMass Lowell, Department of Fine Arts.

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