XFest 2016


119 Gallery with Open Field Initiative present XFest 2016, a festival of improvised music, visuals and movement.

Friday February 26 through Sunday February 28, 2016, Holyoke, MA

XFest 2016, a festival of improvisational music evens the score! This year the performers are split nearly equally with 39 women and 54 men.

The format of the festival is simple and challenging: on Friday and Saturday nights 93 artists perform in (32) 15min sets, (16) sets per night. On Saturday afternoon we plan to run workshops and open sessions. On Sunday afternoon groups perform at Community Concerts in Easthampton, Greenfield, and Holyoke.

“Improvisation is not about what you do. It’s watching and listening to what other people do. It’s how you respond to what you see and hear.”

Friday February 26
Sets at City Hall Ballroom, Holyoke MA?
  7:00pm – Andy Allen, Kevin Dacey, Dave Grollman, Max Lord, Matt Robidoux, Sasha Wolfe [1]
  7:15pm – Michael Barrett, Caitlin Cawley, Mia Friedman, David Kontak, Andrea Pensado [2]
  7:30pm – Cybele Collins, Sophie Leetmaa, Brendan Landis, Kate Lee, John Singer, Frank Turek [3]
  7:45pm – Claire Barratt, Heather Downing, Kristiana Hubley, Ada Matlock, Rose Parry, Dei Xhrist [1]
  8:00pm – Matt Azevedo, Jonas Bers, Noell Dorsey, Duane Ingalls, Dave Miller, ??? [2]
  8:15pm – Ben Bennett, Kat Dobbins, Jimmy Hughes, Shorty Mc, Nate Schieble, Jeff Young [3]
  8:30pm – Ryan Baker, EJ Hampson, Al Margolis, David Russell, Bridget Venuti, Jack Wright [1]
  8:45pm – Grace Brooks, Alex Cohen, Shayna Dulberger, Paul Kafka-Gibbons, Fern Pereira [2]
  9:00pm – Adam Bosse, David Drucker, sara june, Ras Moshe, Victoria Shen [3]
  9:15pm – Andy Crespo, Teresa Czepiel, Loren Groenendaal, Evan Lipson, Andrea Rios, Seamus Williams [1]
  9:30pm – Joe Burgio, Kristen Dye, Bonnie Kane, Steve Norton, Natalia Steinbach [2]
  9:45pm – Jill Burton, Arkm Foam, Val Keuhne, Mickey O’Hara, Jim Strong [3]
10:00pm – Asimina Chremos, Layne Garrett, Sam Potrykus, Scott Prato, Abdul Sherzai, Denise Townsend [1]
10:15pm – Tom Crean, Steph Germaine, Forbes Graham, Katherine Liberovskaya, Riprap, Chris Welcome [2]
10:30pm – ???, flandrew fleisenberg, Andy Kivela, Alex Pelchat, Crank Sturgeon [3]
10:45pm – Audrey Chen, Laura Frare, Christos Koulendros, Michael Peters, id m Theftable, Ashley Tini [1]

[ ] stage number
Saturday February 27
Sets and workshops at City Hall Ballroom, Holyoke MA
  1:00pm – Matt Azevedo – audio theory
  2:00pm – Joe Burgio – graphic scores
  3:00pm – Crank Sturgeon – huff ’n puff
  4:00pm – Asimina Chremos – movement

Special workshop at Northampton Community Music Center
  1:00pm – Jack Wright & friends with Adam Bosse’s Improv Class

  7:00pm – Caitlin Cawley, Arkm Foam, Paul Kafka-Gibbons, Heather Downing, Nate Schieble, Sasha Wolfe [1]
  7:15pm – Michael Barrett. Jonas Bers, Dave Grollman, Rose Parry, Scott Prato [2]
  7:30pm – Adam Bosse, Kat Dobbins, EJ Hampton, Evan Lipson, John Singer, Ashley Tini [3]
  7:45pm – Jill Burton, Shayna Dulberger, Duane Ingalls, Adam Matlock, Matt Robidoux, Chris Welcome [1]
  8:00pm – Andy Crespo, Jenifer Gelineau, Christos Koulendros, Alex Pelchat, Natalia Steinbach [2]
  8:15pm – Tom Crean, Layne Garrett, David Kontak, Mickey O’Hara, Sophie Leetmaa [3]
  8:30pm – Joe Burgio, David Drucker, Jimmy Hughes, Al Margolis, Andrea Rios, Frank Turek [1]
  8:45pm – Ben Bennett, Asimina Chremos, Matt Samolls, Loren Groenendaal, Kate Lee, id m Theftable [2]
  9:00pm – Cybele Collins, Michael F Dailey Jr, Laura Frare, Andy Kivela, Steve Norton, Victoria Shen [3]
  9:15pm – Claire Barratt, Kevin Dacey, Forbes Graham, Katherine Liberovskaya, Sam Potrykus [1]
  9:30pm – Kristen Dye, sara june, Shorty Mc, David Russell, Bridget Venuti, Seamus Williams [2]
  9:45pm – Andy Allen, Steph Germaine, Andrea Pensado, Abdul Sherzai, Jim Strong [3]
10:00pm – Alex Cohen, Mia Friedman, Val Keuhne, Fern Pereira, Jeff Young, Dei Xhrist [1]
10:15pm – Grace Brooks, Noell Dorsey, Kristiana Hubley, Max Lord, Riprap, Denise Townsend [2]
10:30pm – Matt Azevedo, Ryan Baker, Teresa Czepiel, Brendan Landis, Michael Peters, Crank Sturgeon [3]
10:45pm – Audrey Chen, flandrew fleisenberg, Bonnie Kane, Dave Miller, Ras Moshe, Jack Wright [1]

[ ] stage number?

Sunday February 28
Planning Committee Meeting at Dam Cafe, Holyoke MA
10:00am – Bosse, Gelineau, Germaine, Kearns, Lee, O’Hara, Russell, Wrightx2

Community Concert at City Hall Ballroom, Holyoke MA
  2:00pm – Chen Chremos fleisenberg Groenendaal
  2:30pm – EMU: Burgio, Kafka-Gibbons
  3:00pm – ensemble inedit: Burgio, Dacey, Gagnon, Hahn, Hubley, Rios, West, Wright
  3:30pm – Ghost Grass: Godena, Lord
  4:00pm – Egregoros: Koulendros, Matlock, Wright
  4:30pm – Belltone Suicide: Barrett
  5:00pm – Luczak Spreaders

Community Concert at Flywheel Community Arts, Easthampton MA
  2:00pm – Jack Wright group: Bennett, Lipson, Strong, Wright
  2:30pm – Adam’s Improv Class
  3:00pm – Ben Hersey & Ben Bennett
  3:30pm – HOT DATE: Dulberger, Welcome
  4:00pm – Hollow Deck: Allen, Friedman
  4:30pm – Unamed group: Kane, Miller, Moshe, (need a bassist)
  5:00pm – 23 Ensemble: Allen, Bosse, Kivela
Community Concert at Arts Block, Greenfield MA
  2:00pm – Azevedo & Bers
  2:20pm – Painted Faces: Drucker
  2:40pm – Conjoined Twins: Crank Sturgeon, id m Theftable
  3:00pm – Val & the Wasps Nests: Cohen Kuehne, Young
  3:20pm – Hey Exit: Landis
  3:40pm – FOAMbidoux  Duo: FOAM, Robidoux         
  4:00pm – Blacklight Lighthouse: Frare, Riprap
  4:20pm – Lucio & Dr Groll
  4:40pm – Drom For Du Dor: Pelchat, Brooks
  5:00pm – Phurrne: Gelineau, Germaine, Pensado  

XFest 2016 is supported by the artists and, in part, by the Easthampton Local Cultural Council, the Greenfield Local Cultural Council, and the Holyoke Local Cultural Council.

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