Friday November 14 8pm, donations much appreciated!


The Othermen: [New York NY]
Max Frechette – guitar, vocals
Kayla Asbell – organ, vocals
Oweinama Biu – bass, baritone guitar, organ, vocals
Sean O’connell – drums, vocals
Sound here and video here.
The Lonely Machines: [Lowell MA]
Joe Downes-Berry – guitar, vocals
Jeff Sullivan – bass, vocals
Jesse Stiglich – drums
Sound here.
Coven: [Lowell MA]
Drew, Mike, Faye, Gel and Zach
Sound here and video here.
Durt Dog: [Lowell MA]
Sean-O, Thump, Bdon, Rope Swing Man, Totes, Morrie, Alex McIntosh, Captain Crazy J & Sir Adam
Sound here.

Produced by Ben Raymond & Vick a little bit maybe?

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