XBOP + Tatsuya Nakatani + Kobold + Duo Tyto Alba

Saturday September 13 8pm, $5 suggested donation


XBOP: [New York NY]
Will Arvo – piano
Daniel Carter – sax, trumpet & more
Jon Roberds – bass
Brandon Miller – drums
Sound here.
Tatsuya Nakatani – solo percussion [Easton PA]
Video here.
Kobold: [Boston MA]
Tom Plsek, trombone
Steve Norton, reeds
Laurence Cook, percussion
Duo Tyto Alba: [Boston MA] (TBC)
Matt Samolis – flute
Thadd Comstock – 7-string, microtonal guitar
Sound here.

“I am a musician and visual artist. Each of these disciplines for me helps articulate and inform the other. I am not particularly interested in creating some conceptual ideal, but rather a music/art that reflects and captures a truthful human experience and life. I try to create a balance between form and the awareness of the sensual, spiritual, and the ordinary.”
~ Will Arvo, XBOP

“I have been playing a drumset since I was a teenager. Over the past decade, my sound has evolved by viewing and reforming music from different angles. I have gradually developed my own way of constructing sound; my sound is the story teller of my life. I make sound by controlling MA, at the appropriate moment. MA is a Japanese word meaning space, distance or silence. I have found that MA compliments sound itself. I am an acoustic sound artist using the above method to create my sound.”
~ Tatsuya Nakatani

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