Long Summer Daze Music Marathon

Saturday August 2 3-10pm, donations for visiting bands!


BBQ, lemonade making contest, ALL DAY ACTIVITIES! Will we get Mike Dailey into a dunk tank for real this year?


5:00 Cave Cricket: [Bronx NY]
Kira Sassano – 6-string tenor ukulele, Shruti Box, voice, percussion
Kevin Yankou – glockenspiel, percussion
Steve Yankou – cello, piano, percussion
Natasha Jacobs – guitar, voice, harmonium, percussion
Sound here.
5:30 Bats from Pogo: [Salem, Lowell MA]
Bewitched aka Andrea Pensado – voice, laptop
Bothered aka Walter Wright – electron eeks, purr cushion
Bemildred aka Stephanie Lak – all manner ‘o Steph Stuph
6:00 Ted Nyugent: [Philadelphia PA]
Mike McGilloway – either drums or bass or guitar
Travis Arterburn – either drums or bass or guitar
Kian Sorouri – either drums or bass or guitar
Sound here.
6:30 John Glancy [Boston MA] – solo samples, percussion, vocals
7:00 Humminbird aka Muyassar Kurdi [Chicago IL]
7:30pm Patrick Shaughnessy [Boston MA] – poetry
“Patrick S. is a poet and a former member of Lowell punk band The Sinbusters. He recently released the Sinbusters video game, Punk Pilot. He will be presenting poetry from his recent book, Her Name Was Not Brighton.”
8:00 Morning Arms: [Chicago IL]
Chris Cortez – vocals, bass
Grant Kettering – vocals, guitar
Victoria Ross – vocals
Gregory Michael “Pong” Szczotka – drums
Ian Young – guitar, percussion
Claire Watkins – violin
8:30 No One And The Somebodies: [Westchester NY]
Brian, Steve, Kevin, and Bobby Yankou
Sounds here.
9:00 FISTinc. Presents::Schedule the Spirit in Your Heart:: Summer Solstice Streamlining. Anthony Richards, Ali Reid
9:30 Egg, Eggs!: [Western MA ]
D.B. Russell – lead vocals, sinful synths, metal sled
Brett Robinson – bass, guitar, electronics, backup archivist
Sound here.
10:00 Angela Sawyer? [Cambridge MA]
Could get Weirdo!
Video here.
10:30 Lak Richardz Sherzai: [Worcester, Lowell MA]
Stephanie Lak – drum ‘n bass ‘n electronics
Anthony Richardz – vocals
Abdul H Sherzai – electronics
“The subtle usurper is dapperly draped in a resilient vermilion”
Sounds here and here.

Produced by Stephanie Lak.

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