First Thursday: Independent Joy

Thursday July 3 5-11pm, donations welcome!!!


Solids (food), liquids (dranks), visuals (stimulating things to gaze upon) & ear twinklings (sounds from the shed).

LAK – solo performance using trays of objects, boxes of things. Business casual.

Travis Hagan – the bread
Steph Lak – the salad
In corporation we trust that there will always be free salad and bread. Sounds from under the dinner table.

Case of the Sillies:
Ben Frassa – instrumentation of some kind
Steph Lak – as if we didn’t already know !!!
Back from Kim and Kanye’s wedding and just out of reach for the notes your future hover craft surfing grandmother may have chosen to hit if handed a few thrift store keyboards. It’s also like rolling in an ocean wave. Or driving by a Junior High prom while listening to Nintendo music, a little bit of bass and a little bit of ocarina. A few films, clips and videos with live sound and commentary. Hilarious with five stars!

DJ Boof – Lowell Boott Mill Specter

Produced by Steph Lak.

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