Punk Pilot Tournament: Sinbusters + Radio Control

Sunday June 8 8pm, donations welcome!

Poster by Stephanie Lak

The Sinbusters were, for a time, the most celebrated punk band in Lowell MA. Between their first and second albums, work began on a video game to be entitled Punk Pilot, a 2D shooter built around the rhythm and structure of their music. After The Sinbusters ceased to be, work on that video game continued sporadically through the following years.

The game is finally complete. Its official debut will be on June 8th at 8:00 PM, at the 119 Gallery in Lowell. The event will feature a Punk Pilot tournament, a set by Radio Control, and a special set by a Sinbusters reunion line-up: Nick Colella, Joe MacFadzen, Patrick Shaughnessy, and Jeremiah Smith.

The tournament will be free to enter, and prizes will total at least $100. If you intend to enter, please practice using the prerelease test build here. The test build contains the majority of what will appear in the tournament.

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