AHNE 2014

Saturday June 7 12noon-6pm, 8pm performances

Analog Heaven Northeast Annual Meetup


  Saturday, June 7th, 2014
  12PM to 6PM

  119 Gallery in Lowell, MA
  A $10 donation would help will help support the gallery and their mission for the arts.

What to bring
  Synths (please consult the mail list)
  Keyboard stands and tables (only a few tables are available at the gallery)
  Extension cords and power strips
  Audio cables, small mixer and headphones (or speakers)

  Bob Chidlaw, Eric Crawley, Kyle Jarger, Miss Olivia Kennett, Stephanie Lak, James Mondor, David Russell, Walter Wright – analogue synths including a Buchla Music Easel, ARP 2600, Polygamist, and a couple of BoardWeevils.
  A schedule for performances in the evening will be worked out during the afternoon

Produced by Eric Crawley.


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