42° 38’ 9.313” N 71° 19’ 1.581” W :: Duy Hoang

6.09 > 6.28
R: 6.13 > 5:00p


1/ Acknowledging the given space [119 Gallery]
1a/ Find landmarks
1ai/ Marks/holes/labels from previous exhibition [Perspectives VI]
1aii/ Scars of the given space
1aiii/ The given space
1b/ Marking the given space with indicators
1bi/ See [2],[3]
2/ Setting up rules and increments
2a/ Using Metric and U.S. Standard unit measurements
2b/ Using relative/body/object measurements
2bi/ Measure to the length of an object
2bii/ Repeat process to create increments
2biii/ Relate process for each set of indicators
2c/ Using colors
2ci/ Relate color for each set of indicators
2cii/ Repeat shape for each color
2d/ Using the given space
2di/ See [1a], [1b]
2dii/ Walls/floor/ceiling/floating wall/light fixtures/windows
2diii/ Given objects from given space
2diiii/ Given objects from basement of given space
2e/ Repurpose materials as indicators
2ei/ Indicators, see [3a]
2eii/ Materials from studio
2eiii/ Materials from given space
3/ Responding/intervening the given space with rules
3a/ Indicators
3ai/ Tape/paper/pins, etc. see [2e]
3aii/ Color relations, see [2c]
3aiii/ Increment relations, see [2a],[2b]
3b/ Placing indicators into the given space
3bi/ In relations to landmarks found in the given space, see [1a]
3bii/ Images from given space
3c/ Responding to the given space
3ci/ Apply indicators in the given space
3cii/ Let the given space shape the indicators’ expansion
3ciii/ Let the indicators build in the given space
3ciiii/ Let more rules/space be discovered beyond this initial process
3ciiiii/ Acknowledge/aware of the given space, see [1]




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