First Thursday: Poetry & Sound

Thursday June 5 7pm, donations appreciated


119 Gallery presents an evening of Poetry & Sound beginning with acoustic music and ending with free improvisation. Throughout the evening poets and musicians explore the varied relationships between Poetry & Sound.

  Rick Breault (LCK!)
  Peter Eliopolis (LCK!)will be our MC
  Eero Ruuttila

  Steve RAT Albert (Random Access Theater)
  Ben Hersey
  I’d m Theftable

  Rick Breault (Disembodied Poetics) – laptop
  Stephanie Lak ( Disembodied Poetics) – voice, cassettes, electronics
  Gabby Lash – guitar, vocals
  Walter Wright ( Disembodied Poetics) – drums, percussion

Lineup –

  8:25pm – Peter Eliopolis – opening remarks
  8:30pm – Rick Breault – poet, Disembodied Poetics
  8:50pm – Steve RAT Albert – standup
  9:10pm – Ben Hersey – monologue
  9:30pm – Gabby Lash – guitar, vocals
  9:50pm – Eero Ruuttila – poet, Disembodied Poetics
10:10pm – Peter Eliopolis – poet, Disembodied Poetics
10:30pm – I’d m Theftable – himself

For more than 10 years 119 Gallery has presented collaborations between poets and musicians: annually for Lowell Celebrates Kerouac!, XFest, and at various times throughout the year.

Jazz influenced Pound, Eliot and e. e. cumming’s. Langston Hughes incorporated jazz rhythms and phrasing in his writing. The beat generation embraced “jazz poetry” emphasizing it’s spontaneity and freedom. Jack Kerouac read accompanied by David Amram. Lawrence Ferlinghetti collaborated with saxophonist Stan Getz. Bob Kaufman adapted the harmonic complexities and spontaneous invention of bebop to poetic euphony and meter. Amiri Baraka revived jazz poetry as an expression of black culture, and Gil Scott-Heron’s spoken-word albums carried the tradition forward.

Produced by Rick Breault and 119 Gallery.

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