Claudia Robles Angel + Roncka Neuberg Parcell Sawyer + Chill City Icon + Bats From Pogo

Friday May 30 8pm, donations welcome!


Claudia Robles Angel – bio data performance [Colombia, Cologne Germany]
Video here.
Liz Roncka – movement [Cambridge MA]
Nick Neuberg, Ethan Parcell, Angela Sawyer – audio magic
Video here.
Chill City Icon: [Lowell MA]
Kevin Dacey & Travis Hagan – electronics, percussion
Brett Mason – live art
Bats From Pogo: [Salem, Lowell MA]
Andrea Pensado – “noise piano”
Walter Wright – electronics, drums
Stephanie Lak – voice, cassettes, electronics

“Claudia Robles Angel’s performance, for example, used wires that connected her brain to a system of projected images and sounds. What the audience received was a combination of pre-chosen images as well as the way that Angel’s brain was processing and reacting to them in real time. The other performances had similar arrangements, but Angel’s was the most extreme: watching her, the body became a wired machine, producing cold sounds and abrupt visuals very unlike what we associate with the brain, or with human feelings … ” ~ Adela Yawitz Berlin Art Link

Produced by Andrea.

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