Bennett Wright + Lak Wright + Chill City Icon

Friday May 16 8pm, donations appreciated

Pod of Whales, image by Steven R Holloway.

Bennett Wright Duo [Columbus OH, Easton PA]
Ben Bennett – percussion
Jack Wright – reeds
Video here.
Lak Wright Duo [San Francisco CA, Lowell MA]
Stephanie Lak – cassettes, voice, electronics
Walter Wright – drums
Music here.
Chill City Icon: [Lowell MA]
Kevin Dacey & Paul Gaughran – electronics, percussion
Brett Mason – live art

Jack Wright is either a very serious musician or else, uninterested to carry that burden, he could hardly be considered serious at all. In the 80s he called himself “non-commercial, not interested in the marketplace,” what today is known as DIY. His wide vocabulary comes from reaching out as widely as possible for new experience, and playing with anyone who asks. He seeks to experience his music as if for the first time, rather than demonstrating a pre-constructed and self-approved aesthetic–he’s not always sure he likes his music. He is motivated to put his love of playing in front of people, as well as his enjoyment of his many partners.

Ben Bennett started playing music as a young child, took up the drums in middle school, and has always been attracted to improvisation. His interest in jazz moved steadily towards the more avant-garde, then to free jazz, and onward into the world of free-improv. His current music stems mainly from various forms of free-improv: maximalist, reduced, noise, etc. A desire to get the most varied and visceral array of sounds from the simplest instruments has led to an ongoing process of distilling the drumset to its essential sound-maker, the vibrating membrane. Using extended techniques involving breath and friction, as well as the time-honored tradition of hitting things with sticks, he plays an evolving pile of frame drums, pre-tuned drum heads, metal things, tubes, and other objects that can be combined and recombined to get a variety of sounds during a performance. This set-up lends itself greatly towards being crammed in a backpack, strapped to a bike, dragged along the ground, or thrown down the stairs, generally without physical or psychological damage.

Kickoff of Lak Wright Duo’s East Breeze miniTour.

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