Memorial Day BBQ

Monday May 26 2pm-12midnite


Looking for volunteers to help with the mural, see the Mural Competition announcement here.
Looking for performers of all kinds, poets, dancers, jugglers, live art and, of course, bands. If’n you would like to play please contact Steph or Vicky asap –
stephanielak at gmail dot com
Victoria_Belakhov at student.uml dot edu

  2pm – Potluck BBQ, mural planting, biking &or sk8ing
  4pm – Open Mic inside
  8pm – Bands inside, late night

Reg Bloor – solo guitar [New York, NY]
Princess Chan, Ricky Orng – poets from FreeVerse, Lowell
Letter Castle: [Boston MA]
Matt Delligatti – guitar
Brittany Karlson – bass
Nick Neuburg – drums
Video here.
Bent Knee: [Boston MA]
Courtney Swain – vocals & keyboards
Ben Levin – guitar
Chris Baum – violin
Jessica Kion – bass
Gavin Wallace-Ailsworth – drums
Vince Welch – production & sound design
Video here.
Sawtooth: [Lowell MA]
Lee Martin – electronics
Music here.
Thoughts About The Pyramids: [Lowell MA]
Colin Murphy – guitar
Paul Poremski – bass
Ryan Gauley – drums
Music here.
I’d M Thfft Able: I remember things. I’m qualified to exist that day.
Gelineau Lak Pensado Trio:
Jen Gelineau – violin
Stephanie Lak – voice, cassettes, electronics
Andrea Pensado – voice, laptop
Ryan Baker – the mad genius from Robotmonkeyarm

Plus a few more TBA

DJs – DJ BOOF & Lee Martin
Reg Bloor‘s music is uncompromising, unapologetic and unabashedly unique. An iconoclastic player– she has developed that rare thing among guitarists, a signature style that draws from numerous influences without sounding like any of them. Adopting a Saturday morning cartoon aesthetic, her performances are sonically over the top and delivered with such conviction and precision that you might be surprised to suddenly find yourself smiling and nodding along to really dissonant passages.

When not acting as a concertmaster and performing in husband Glenn Branca’s ensemble, Reg can be found writing and playing in the Paranoid Critical Revolution. A LinkedIn page lists her specialties as, “Aggressive, Experimental rock guitar” and her interests being, “Making a whole hell of a lot of racket.” Add some gallows humor, a keen intellect and a raised middle finger and you’re a little closer to getting a full picture of Reg and her music.

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