Sunday March 23 6pm, donations appreciated!


Annual Spring Equinox Whitehaus Family Showcase is expanding …

Egg, Eggs!: [Western MA]
Jen Gelineau – violin
Miss Olivia Kennett – keys
Ted Lee – bowed metal
Sophie Leetma – electric harp
Shorty Mc – prepared ukelele and banjo
Brett Renaud – noise
David Russell – vocals
Sound here.
Duo Tyto Alba: [Boston MA]
Thadd Comstock – dream guitar
Matt Samolis – flute
Videos here and here.
I’d m Thfft Able – voce, audio paraphernalia [Portland ME]
Wash and Gouache: [??? Cambridge Medford MA]
Jesse Collins – trumpet, electronics
Steve Norton – reeds, electronics, percussion
Angela Sawyer – suitcase of audio delights, voice
A JP Sound: [Ja Mocha Plane MA]
Arkm Foam – manipulation
Erich Haygun – gong/mouth
Con Tex – outsider brilliance
Andy Allen – woods/wind
Bisson Xhrist Duo: [Manchester NH]
deiX – voice, electronics
Marc Bisson – guitar, objects
Dailey Wright Duo: [Lowell MA]
Michael F Dailey Jr & Walter Wright – drums
Safer Streams: [Lowell MA]
Jeff Borski – guitar
Paul Kenney – bass
Angie Bruce – drums, vocals
Princess Chan – poet [Lowell MA]
Ricky Orng – poet [Lowell MA]
Erich Haygun – poet [Jamaica Plain MA]
Ryan Baker’s Fiasco: [North Andover MA]
Ryan Baker – guitar
deiX – voice, electronics
Lee Martin – whatever
Walter Wright – drums
The Big Lie: [Somerville MA]
Ryan Baker – guitar
Jesse Collins – trumpet
FOAM – tape cassettes
Steve Norton – reeds
Andrea Pensado – laptop, voice
Matt Samolis – flute
Walter Wright – drums
performing Joe Burgio’s score “Blastfest R Us”

Lineup & times: Please be set up to play at these times. Do you need the PA, let me know in advance –

  5:30pm – doors open, prelim setup & sound checks
  6:00pm – Big Lie
  6:20pm – Ryan Baker’s Fiasco
  6:40pm – Duo Tyto Alba
  7:00pm – Ricky Orng
  7:20pm – Wash & Gouache
  7:40pm – Bisson Xhrist Duo
  8:00pm – Princess Chan
  8:20pm – Dailey Wright Duo
  8:40pm – Best of JP Sound
  9:00pm – Erich Haygun
  9:20pm – i’d m Thfft Able
  9:40pm – Safer Streams
10:00pm – Egg, Eggs!

Produced by 119 Gallery and Whitehaus Family Record.

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