a space such as this

Tuesday March 11 – Saturday April 5
rebecca scott newhouse


Gallery hours: Tuesday-Saturday 12noon-5pm
Reception: Friday March 28 6-9pm

a space such as this
(or a space such as that)

If you look you may find three specific areas of the studio: the table, to work with your hands, the wall, to look with your mind and think through your eyes, and the floor, where you think with your body. Yet what you’ll see or what you’ll conclude (in a space such as this (or a space such as that)) is: how the objects fight to stand.

The 119 Gallery presents Rebecca Scott Newhouse and her first solo exhibition. Newhouse is a current graduate sculpture student, finishing up her first year at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. This exhibition is composed by a series of sculptures, depicting her search for new stance in materiality and the divorce between thought process and outcome.
Co-curated by Eileen Ryan and Duy Hoang

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