Yoshiko Ohara + Joint Raker + Nashoba + Bisson/Wright Duo

Saturday March 8 8pm, donations welcome!


Yoshiko Ohara – solo voice, electronics [Brooklyn NY]
Sound here and video here.
Joint Raker: [Montreal QC, CT]
Chris Cretella – guitar
Nooge Nugent – trumpet
Nashoba: [Framingham MA]
Evan Kelly – guitar loops
Nick Lawler – drums
Sound here.
Bisson/Wright Duo: [Manchester NH, Lowell MA]
Marc Bisson – guitar
Walter Wright – drums

Yoshiko Ohara, Japanese vocalist and established visual artist is releasing her first solo album, Ringing In Our Wrists. Best known for her mesmerizing performances as lead singer for the now-defunct NYC experimental doom BLOODY PANDA and collaborations with OCEAN and KAYO DOT, Yoshiko is expanding her repertoire ever further into the outer reaches of strange, unearthly music. The New York Times has praised her band’s “nightmarish, rubato art-songs,”and the Village Voice lauded “the ashen throat of singer Yoshiko Ohara, whose dynamic range covers the ground between Diamanda and PJ Harvey in drones, squeals, and screeches.” Decibel Magazine hailed her as the driving force behind the band;s “haunting, evil, beautiful music,” CMJ wrote of how “Yoshiko Ohara wails and howls as though she’s in a perpetual state of mourning, and it’s the perfect complement to the doom and gloom riffs,” and MTV applauded their ““dense, despairing songs that tumble, clatter and drone through the ether.”

Produced by Walter.

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