Chill City Icon + Root Juice + Trashboat

Friday February 7 8pm, donation appreciated!


Met City: [Brooklyn NY]
Loren Berí – vcocals, piano, kalimba, synth, ukulele, guitar
Austin Jitterbug Hoke – cello, guitar
Evan Wade – drums
Sound here and video here.
Chill City Icon: [Lowell MA]
Travis Hagan – electronics, percussion
Kevin Dacey – keys, electronics, percussion
Brett Mason – live art
Sound here and blog here.
Root Juice: [Lowell MA]
Adam Keil – guitar, organ, vocals
Dave Garcia – drums, washboard, mandolin, Strombolium
Brian Donovan – bass
Graham Clancy – trombone
Alex Kowaleski – trumpet
Sound here.

Trashboat: [Lowell MA]
Dan – trash
Gabby – debris
Chris – refuse
Vicky – garbage
Chris – dregs
Lee – junk
Jon – litter
Alternative Anti-Anarcho-Folk Punk Rock
Sound here.
Warped Tourist & Evan Kelley (Split Set) [Lowell/Framingham]
Ben Raymond – vocals, guitar
Morgan Mahoney – vocals
Evan Kelley – vocals, guitar
Sounds here and here.

The lineup –
  7:30pm – doors
  8:30pm – Ben & Evan
  9:15pm – Trashboat
10:00pm – Chill City Icon
10:45pm – Root Juice

Produced by Ben Raymond and 119 Gallery.

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