GUTS: Greenwood / Renadette / Taylor / Wehrli / Lak

Tuesday January 14 – Saturday February 8

Gallery hours: 12noon-5pm
Reception: Saturday February 1 3-6pm
The reception features an artist’s talk by Dan Greenwood in which he will discuss his work, his process, and his latest project the “noise box.”

Dan Greenwood and Alicia Renadette – installation, sound, collage


“Diagram A is my mental feedback research project that has been producing visual and audio noise constructions for about 20 years. All the electronics used in recordings and live demonstrations are handmade and my own design.” ~ Dan Greenwood

“I build altars, decorate parade floats and curate technicolor gothic dioramas as a reflection of my outlook on American middle-class rituals. Using black humor, I grapple with multi-tiered, and ever-pervasive issues of class and gender that complicate my outlook and fuel my anxiety.” ~ Alicia Renadette

Emily-Jayne Taylor – prints, collage


Emily-Jayne Taylor is primarily a musician. Her collage work is the visual equivalent to much of her music, the deconstruction of living organisms that are both all-too familiar and somehow out-of-place. Her collages address real issues in the real world by turning it “inside-out.”

Joni Wehrli – drawings


“The works on paper in this series carry forward the idea of cutting up former paintings and rearranging their parts. I have cut shapes from former watercolor and gouache drawings, and reassembled them over photocopied ink drawings of different anatomical parts. The resulting images bridge the gap between the oil paintings in “Cut Out,” and the acrylic paintings in “Different Anatomy” for which they serve as studies.” ~ Joni Wehrli

Stephanie Lak – video

“Red, dark reds, texture, shapes, warmth, sound, color, movement, air, honesty and some selflessness … let’s not make this toooo complicated.” ~ Stephanie Lak

Curated by Walter Wright and 119 Gallery.


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