D.I.T.F. 7

Doin’ It Together Fest

Friday November 22 7pm thru Saturday November 23 11pm


You guys. Can you believe we’re Doin’ It Together, again?! Swapping bands, holding hands. If you wanna do it together with us, and also if you have a practice space you want to let folks do it together in, send an e-mail to douglas@dirtydouglas.com

In case you forgot, or are new, here’s how this works –

1) You all sign up – tell us what instruments you can play and if you have a practice space we can use.

2) All a y’alls come down to the 119 Gallery 7pm on Friday November 22, to find out who’s in your band and where you’re going to be practicing.

3) You meet with said band at your assigned practice space on Saturday at a time that is agreeable to you all. You have all day Saturday to practice and put together a set (covers are for jerks).

4) E’rrrybody comes BACK to the 119 Gallery at 6pm on Saturday night and we play the best show anyone’s ever seen.

And the bands are …

Boof Boof Boof Boof:
Lee Martin – turntables, drums
Jon Kohen – guitar
Chris Hickmna – guitar, banjo
Ben Dickinson – bass

Butt(e) Brigade:
Olivia Close – drums
Tom Wall – guitar
Jimm Warren – bass
Gilbert Gandia – vocals

Get A License:
Kevin Dacey – drums
Jimmy Teague – guitar
Travis Benson – guitar

Gnat Albert:
Martt Soares – guitar
Joe Brown – bass
Ben Raymond, guitar, loops, vocals
Paul Gaughran – drums

Latte Commas:
Patrick Shaughnessey – keyboard, vocals
Dan Shed – guitar

Pat Flaherty – guitar, vocals
Paul Kenny – bass
Pat Belkin – drums

Squiggy & Laverne:
Vicky Belakhov – Air Synth, vocals
Austin Condee – guitar, trombone
Travis Hagan – electronics, drums
Walter Wright – electronics, drums

Too Many Cooks:
Alex Sargent – guitar
Kevin Dwyer – bass
Bill Price – drums

Try Harder Next Time:
Anthony Richards – guitar, vocals
Carlos Guzman – guitar
Michael F Dailey Jr – drums

Produced by Jimm Warren and Sock the Hop.

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