The Space Between the Pit and the Peak, Incarnate Two

Tuesday February 10 – Thurday February 26, 2009
Reception Thursday 19, 7-10:30pm

Video, Lillie Harden.

“I’ve brought themes about childhood and self discovery,” says artist Lillian Harden, “and I’m trying to create a further experience out of that.” Her work will come together in a multimedia installation at the 119 Gallery this month. It will feature video and sculpture meant to challenge the way we think about human interaction.

“I really like her work,” says the show’s curator, Setheyny Pen, “it’s about figures in an environment and how they interact with each other, with the viewer coming in and being part of that space.”

“I’m hoping that they will be thinking about themselves and their relationships,” says Harden, “I want them to have an otherworldly experience. It’s going to really encompass the senses. It’s got sounds, the lights will be dimmed and there will be little mirrors and lights. It’s going to definitely have a theatrical element. It’s a slightly allegorical other world.”

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