Portable Percussionist

Friday October 4 8pm, donations welcome!


The Portable Percussionist‘s Long Trail program; the grand finale of the trip.

Jane Boxall – solo percussion, backpack

This September/early October, I’m going to be thru-hiking the Long Trail –272 miles running the length of Vermont – from the Canadian border down to Massachusetts. Along the way, I’ll stop off and give solo concerts/clinics, for “portable” percussion. That means found objects, bits of wood, stones, ceramic flowerpots, etc. I’ll be playing some pieces from the Frog Peak ‘Rock Music’ collection (you can guess the instrumentation), Rzewski’s ‘To The Earth’, and first performances of works by Jacob Mashak and Dennis Báthory-Kitsz. I love music and I love hiking. Because any kind of adventure is good. Because the Vermont winter is around the corner, and spending September almost entirely outdoors will be good for my muscles, head and heart. Because (thanks to a grant from the Vermont Community Foundation), I can help bring some brand-new music into the world, while seeing things I’ve never seen before.

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