CUBED: Warmouth Norton Wilson

Tuesday-Saturday September 3-October 6 12noon-5pm.
On view during Lowell Open Studios.


Adam Norton, Jeff Warmouth and Steph Wilson, the 3 artists from 119 Gallery’s summer residency know what it takes to make art collaboratively. They spent the summer thinking about the correspondences in their art and ideas. They show us all sides of art-making and art as life in “CUBED,” on view at 119 Gallery through Sunday October 6.

Together the artists’ work includes text and image-based works, digital image access and manipulation, video installations, photo and collage. Inspired by Fluxus, they toyed around with ideas to build interactive relationships between the artist, art and viewer.  What they came up with is an amazing arcade of art where the visitors can play with the art and multi-media  facsimiles of the artists.

Divided into thirds, the installation is an equal playing field– between the cubed-shaped objects, the viewer/player and heightened versions of the artists that the viewer controls.

What the visitor does to the artists’ avatars is entirely up to them.

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