Call for entries: “Can you hear me now?”

Attention: Artists, engineers, e-poets, steampunks, pundits, animators, and inventors! Call for video or film.

In 1858, the first successful messages were sent over a transatlantic cable which spanned Valentia, Ireland to Heart’s Content, Newfoundland. After some tests, in August of 1858, Queen Victoria of England, and President Buchanan of the United States exchanged congratulations. In September of 1858, the cable stopped working. This issue of INtransit commemorates this cable while looking at the history and the technology behind this effort and examining how failure can be a positive outcome.

AstroDime is looking for short experimental, animation, or documentary work on the themes of queens, presidents, technological gain and failure, messages, the Victorian era, steampunk and communications for our twice yearly video journal on art and technoscience, INtransit.

Works should be under 10 minutes, or be able to be excerpted (please indicate which). Submissions should be by snail mail, and on DVD, VHS, or mini-DV, and will also be considered for other issues. Physical submissions much preferred to web URL’s.

People who are selected for publishing will receive 3 copies of the journal and a small stipend. We will be actively promoting the work on this journal and will be including it in the 2009 Boston Cyberarts Festival

Please mail your work to:
AstroDime c/o Queen Victoria
119 Chelmsford Street
Lowell, Massachusetts 01851

If you want it returned, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope. Preview copies should be on DVD, VHS, or mini-DV. For more info, contact

The AstroDime Transit Authority is a Think-Tank and public service organization that considers issues of transportation, communication and world and intergalactic citizenship. We are specifically interested in issues of race, class, gender and culture as reflected in art and technoscience. In addition, we consult and advise in sustainable communication and transportation systems off and on this planet. Our research includes curated video shows, data collection, and performances which reveal and explore these issues. We publish a twice-yearly video journal called INtransit. We periodically invite guest artists and contributors to participate in our curatorial and creative projects.

Our web site is

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