Members’ Exhibition, 2013

Tuesday-Sunday July 2-28 12noon-5pm

D O U B L E   Y O U R   F U N !
Enter with a “pARTner”. Bring two related works of art. 26 artists submit as pARTners, 13 pairs of related works which range from drawings, prints and paintings to sculptures, videos and installations.

Reception: Saturday July 20 3-6pm
Exhibit will be open during Lowell Folk Festival

Artists who submitted with as pARTners –
Mitchel Ahern & Sarah Bennett
Scott Barry & Alex Giavis
Rick Breault & Elaine Wood
MJ Bujold & Denise Warren
Ashley Cantrell & Walter Wright
Margarida Correia & Coleman Rogers
Anna Faiello & Liz Sibley Fletcher
Mary Hart & Thomas Hart
Jim Higgins & Anna Isaak-Ross
Dian Hosmer & Jeanne Kunze
Duy Hoang & Eileen Ryan
Jessica Tawczynski & David Vaughn
Bill Whitman & Dei Xhrist

Artists who submitted without –
Justin Campaniello
Adam Norton
Dan Rocha

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