Let’s Explore Co-ops

Saturday June 29 2pm, FREE


“A co-operative (“co-op”) is an autonomous association of persons who voluntarily cooperate for their mutual, social, economic, and cultural benefit. Co-operatives include non-profit community organizations and businesses that are owned and managed by the people who use its services (a consumer co-operative) or by the people who work there (a worker co-operative) or by the people who live there (a housing co-operative), hybrids such as worker co-operatives that are also consumer co-operatives or credit unions, multi-stakeholder co-operatives such as those that bring together civil society and local actors to deliver community needs, and second and third tier co-operatives whose members are other co-operatives.”
~ Wikipedia

Come chat with fun folks about co-operative initiatives. Hosted by Jess Schumann.

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