Little War Twins + Ununi + Harmoos + Alto Jeffro & Lola

Thursday July 11 8pm, donations always welcome.


Little War Twins: [Boston]
Gaetana Brown – guitar, vocals
Patrick “Trick” McConnell – drums
Music here.
Ununi: [Leominster, Amherst MA]
Paul Conant – guitar, drums
Erik Brown – drums, guitar, electronics
Music here.
Harmoos: [Amherst MA]
Will Henriksen (always) with Garth Brody (drums & li’l keyboard)
Music here.
Alto Jeffro & Lola [Fitchburg]

Many North American Tribes tell the tale of The Monster Slayer Twins. Birthed from White Shell Woman the Twins went across the Sky and Earth on many adventures. Some say they used lightning to save people from their enemies, some say they released the rain, many say that in their travels they saved many people from danger. Following in their way, May we all be strong in our hearts and in our paths. May we all learn ourselves and our world better. Through our growth, community, and expression, we can free the Body, Mind and Soul.

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