Barn Owl + Guerilla Toss + mysterybear + BiRdOrGaN

Friday July 5 8pm, Donations gratefully received.


Barn Owl: [Holyoke MA, NY]
Chris – guitar
Andy – bass
Matt – drums
Sound here.
Guerrilla Toss: [Jamoca Fudge MA]
Kassie Carlson – vocals
Ian Kovac – synthesizer
Arian Shafiee – guitar
Simon Hanes – bass
Peter Negroponte – drum
Sound here.
mysterybear – solo electronics [Peterborough NH]
Sound here.
BiRdOrGaN: [Manchester NH, Lowell MA]
Marc Bisson – prepared and deconstructed guitar
deiX – vocalization and distortion
Mike Fun – modular synthesizer
Michael F Dailey Jr – drums and vocalization
Sound here.

“I know little to nothing about Barn Owl except that I like their name. This 3″ CD-R EP is the first I’ve ever heard of them. This is some crazy, disjointed stuff. It’s noisy and abrasive. Loaded down with heavy percussive blasts, Barn Owl is also heavy on bass splurging. In between all the record, there’s all sorts of spazzed bass noodling. It’s like autistic music or something. But it’s also fantastic. There’s all sorts of cut-up and manipulated electronic and synthesized sounds mixed in with the drums and bass. It’s disorienting at times, like being totally smashed and hanging your head over the toilet waiting to puke. In fact, I wouldn’t advise listening to this when you’re drunk b/c it’ll make the room spin. All of these tracks work in conjunction to give you one fucked-up listening experience that flows together. I still don’t know dick about Barn Owl, but I get the feeling they’re a great live band and are someone I wanna hear more of. Oh, and it comes in an a-typically normal sleeve (something I don’t ever expect from Imvated)”.
~ Brad Rose, Foxy Digitalis

Image by Ted Eel. Produced by Walter.

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