Moonlighting Festival: Experimental Multimedia

Friday May 3 8pm, donations much appreciated


Experimental music, dance, performance, live painting, video and poetry featuring –

Rick Breault – poet, found sound, laptop [Lowell]
Joe Burgio – movement [Somerville MA]
Michael F Dailey Jr – drums, voice, mayhem [Lowell]
Peter Eliopoilos – poet [Lowell]
Mike Fun – analog synth [Lowell]
Gilbert Ghandia – voice, breaking to the beat [Lowell]
Paul Kafka Gibbons – movement [Somerville MA]
Jeff Lipsky – live art [Lowell]
Mystic Out-Bop Review – band of inlaws [Portland ME]
I’d m Theftable – himself [Portland ME]
Walter Wright – drums, electronics [Lowell]

Produced by Rick Breault

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