Weathering Art

Exhibit: Tuesday May 7-Saturday June 8, 12noon-5pm
Reception: Sunday May 19 12noon

The reception will feature discussions and related events with Vanessa Rule from Mothers Out Front and Richard Cutler from Climate Change Reality


The weather gets angrier all the time. Pollution makes the air warmer, solar flares and shifting poles have their effect. Tornadoes, drought and hurricanes do billions of dollars of damage. Take away the dunes and build your home right up to the water’s edge. People die because of poor planning. Businesses go under. Galleries and artists in New York City under four feet of water. What can an artist say that will make a difference? Has the tipping point come? Do we run for higher ground now or later? Keep calm and create. Artists start movements. Art provokes people to action. Art can create a new way of seeing- a future that respects nature, that works with nature, that stands in awe of nature. But, the future has no guarantees. Take it one day at a time. This is what Weathering Art is attempting.

Curated by Dan Osterman, Lisa Lunskaya Gordon, Mary Ann Kearns, Naoe Suzuki, June Krinsky-Rudder.


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