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119 Gallery with Open Field Initiative present XFest 2016, a festival of improvised music, visuals and movement.

Friday February 26 through Sunday February 28, 2016, Holyoke, MA

XFest 2016, a festival of improvisational music evens the score! This year the performers are split nearly equally with 39 women and 54 men.

The format of the festival is simple and challenging: on Friday and Saturday nights 93 artists perform in (32) 15min sets, (16) sets per night. On Saturday afternoon we plan to run workshops and open sessions. On Sunday afternoon groups perform at Community Concerts in Easthampton, Greenfield, and Holyoke.

“Improvisation is not about what you do. It’s watching and listening to what other people do. It’s how you respond to what you see and hear.”

Friday February 26
Sets at City Hall Ballroom, Holyoke MA?
  7:00pm – Andy Allen, Kevin Dacey, Dave Grollman, Max Lord, Matt Robidoux, Sasha Wolfe [1]
  7:15pm – Michael Barrett, Caitlin Cawley, Mia Friedman, David Kontak, Andrea Pensado [2]
  7:30pm – Cybele Collins, Sophie Leetmaa, Brendan Landis, Kate Lee, John Singer, Frank Turek [3]
  7:45pm – Claire Barratt, Heather Downing, Kristiana Hubley, Ada Matlock, Rose Parry, Dei Xhrist [1]
  8:00pm – Matt Azevedo, Jonas Bers, Noell Dorsey, Duane Ingalls, Dave Miller, ??? [2]
  8:15pm – Ben Bennett, Kat Dobbins, Jimmy Hughes, Shorty Mc, Nate Schieble, Jeff Young [3]
  8:30pm – Ryan Baker, EJ Hampson, Al Margolis, David Russell, Bridget Venuti, Jack Wright [1]
  8:45pm – Grace Brooks, Alex Cohen, Shayna Dulberger, Paul Kafka-Gibbons, Fern Pereira [2]
  9:00pm – Adam Bosse, David Drucker, sara june, Ras Moshe, Victoria Shen [3]
  9:15pm – Andy Crespo, Teresa Czepiel, Loren Groenendaal, Evan Lipson, Andrea Rios, Seamus Williams [1]
  9:30pm – Joe Burgio, Kristen Dye, Bonnie Kane, Steve Norton, Natalia Steinbach [2]
  9:45pm – Jill Burton, Arkm Foam, Val Keuhne, Mickey O’Hara, Jim Strong [3]
10:00pm – Asimina Chremos, Layne Garrett, Sam Potrykus, Scott Prato, Abdul Sherzai, Denise Townsend [1]
10:15pm – Tom Crean, Steph Germaine, Forbes Graham, Katherine Liberovskaya, Riprap, Chris Welcome [2]
10:30pm – ???, flandrew fleisenberg, Andy Kivela, Alex Pelchat, Crank Sturgeon [3]
10:45pm – Audrey Chen, Laura Frare, Christos Koulendros, Michael Peters, id m Theftable, Ashley Tini [1]

[ ] stage number
Saturday February 27
Sets and workshops at City Hall Ballroom, Holyoke MA
  1:00pm – Matt Azevedo – audio theory
  2:00pm – Joe Burgio – graphic scores
  3:00pm – Crank Sturgeon – huff ’n puff
  4:00pm – Asimina Chremos – movement

Special workshop at Northampton Community Music Center
  1:00pm – Jack Wright & friends with Adam Bosse’s Improv Class

  7:00pm – Caitlin Cawley, Arkm Foam, Paul Kafka-Gibbons, Heather Downing, Nate Schieble, Sasha Wolfe [1]
  7:15pm – Michael Barrett. Jonas Bers, Dave Grollman, Rose Parry, Scott Prato [2]
  7:30pm – Adam Bosse, Kat Dobbins, EJ Hampton, Evan Lipson, John Singer, Ashley Tini [3]
  7:45pm – Jill Burton, Shayna Dulberger, Duane Ingalls, Adam Matlock, Matt Robidoux, Chris Welcome [1]
  8:00pm – Andy Crespo, Jenifer Gelineau, Christos Koulendros, Alex Pelchat, Natalia Steinbach [2]
  8:15pm – Tom Crean, Layne Garrett, David Kontak, Mickey O’Hara, Sophie Leetmaa [3]
  8:30pm – Joe Burgio, David Drucker, Jimmy Hughes, Al Margolis, Andrea Rios, Frank Turek [1]
  8:45pm – Ben Bennett, Asimina Chremos, Matt Samolls, Loren Groenendaal, Kate Lee, id m Theftable [2]
  9:00pm – Cybele Collins, Michael F Dailey Jr, Laura Frare, Andy Kivela, Steve Norton, Victoria Shen [3]
  9:15pm – Claire Barratt, Kevin Dacey, Forbes Graham, Katherine Liberovskaya, Sam Potrykus [1]
  9:30pm – Kristen Dye, sara june, Shorty Mc, David Russell, Bridget Venuti, Seamus Williams [2]
  9:45pm – Andy Allen, Steph Germaine, Andrea Pensado, Abdul Sherzai, Jim Strong [3]
10:00pm – Alex Cohen, Mia Friedman, Val Keuhne, Fern Pereira, Jeff Young, Dei Xhrist [1]
10:15pm – Grace Brooks, Noell Dorsey, Kristiana Hubley, Max Lord, Riprap, Denise Townsend [2]
10:30pm – Matt Azevedo, Ryan Baker, Teresa Czepiel, Brendan Landis, Michael Peters, Crank Sturgeon [3]
10:45pm – Audrey Chen, flandrew fleisenberg, Bonnie Kane, Dave Miller, Ras Moshe, Jack Wright [1]

[ ] stage number?

Sunday February 28
Planning Committee Meeting at Dam Cafe, Holyoke MA
10:00am – Bosse, Gelineau, Germaine, Kearns, Lee, O’Hara, Russell, Wrightx2

Community Concert at City Hall Ballroom, Holyoke MA
  2:00pm – Chen Chremos fleisenberg Groenendaal
  2:30pm – EMU: Burgio, Kafka-Gibbons
  3:00pm – ensemble inedit: Burgio, Dacey, Gagnon, Hahn, Hubley, Rios, West, Wright
  3:30pm – Ghost Grass: Godena, Lord
  4:00pm – Egregoros: Koulendros, Matlock, Wright
  4:30pm – Belltone Suicide: Barrett
  5:00pm – Luczak Spreaders

Community Concert at Flywheel Community Arts, Easthampton MA
  2:00pm – Jack Wright group: Bennett, Lipson, Strong, Wright
  2:30pm – Adam’s Improv Class
  3:00pm – Ben Hersey & Ben Bennett
  3:30pm – HOT DATE: Dulberger, Welcome
  4:00pm – Hollow Deck: Allen, Friedman
  4:30pm – Unamed group: Kane, Miller, Moshe, (need a bassist)
  5:00pm – 23 Ensemble: Allen, Bosse, Kivela
Community Concert at Arts Block, Greenfield MA
  2:00pm – Azevedo & Bers
  2:20pm – Painted Faces: Drucker
  2:40pm – Conjoined Twins: Crank Sturgeon, id m Theftable
  3:00pm – Val & the Wasps Nests: Cohen Kuehne, Young
  3:20pm – Hey Exit: Landis
  3:40pm – FOAMbidoux  Duo: FOAM, Robidoux         
  4:00pm – Blacklight Lighthouse: Frare, Riprap
  4:20pm – Lucio & Dr Groll
  4:40pm – Drom For Du Dor: Pelchat, Brooks
  5:00pm – Phurrne: Gelineau, Germaine, Pensado  

XFest 2016 is supported by the artists and, in part, by the Easthampton Local Cultural Council, the Greenfield Local Cultural Council, and the Holyoke Local Cultural Council.

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Last 2015 Event at 119 Gallery http://www.119gallery.org/?p=12515 http://www.119gallery.org/?p=12515#comments Thu, 01 Oct 2015 16:00:41 +0000 http://www.119gallery.org/?p=12515 Continue reading ]]> Saturday October 17, 2pm-12midnight


“Last” Event at 119 Gallery
Saturday October 17 2pm-12am
119 Gallery
119 Chelmsford Street, Lowell MA
$5-10 requested from those not performing, potluck, BYOB

2:00pm Potluck, maybe BBQ in the alley !!!

3:00pm Chinese Dentist
3:20pm Avem Dimidium
3:40pm Gamma Pope
4:00pm Loup-Garou
4:20pm Dailey Pelchat Teague
4:40pm Germaine Hagan
5:00pm Shorty Mc
5:20pm Joe Galuppo
5:40pm Brayer Dacey Dailey Warmouth
6:00pm Packrat
6:20pm Man Dancing
6:40pm Egregoros
7:00pm ensemble inedit
7:20pm Peter J Woods
7:40pm Fujiwara Xhrist
8:00pm Angela Sawyer
8:20pm Ben Hersey
8:40pm Crank Sturgeon
9:00pm Bats From Pogo
9:20pm Dent
9:40pm Drom For Du Dor
10:00pm Electronic Round Robin: Bastardo, Breault, Koulendros, Kontak, O’Hara, Russell, Seidel, Sherzai
5min solos (8 x 5 = 40min), 20min SSS
11:00pm Bowed Metal Music

DJ: DJ Dan Adam
Video: Jason Daniels, Gregory Kowalski, Eric Sack

Dan Adam – DJ [Lowell MA]

Avem Dimidium: [Lowell MA]
George Hooper & Josh Tracy – electrronics

Bats From Pogo: [Nashua NH, Salem, Lowell MA
Andrea Pensado – voice, laptop
Heather Noecker – guitar
Walter Wright – drums

Bowed Metal Music: [Boston MA]
Matt Samolis, Nick Detar-Koch – bowed metal

Chinese Dentist: [Lowell MA]
Vicky Belakhov – vocals
Justin Campaniello – guitar
Alex Derderian – drums
Jimm Warren – bass

Jason Daniels – video [West Bridgewater MA]

Dent: [Boston]
Harley Cullen – guitar
Lane Shi Otayonii – vocals
Tristan ??? – bass
Jack Whelan – drums

Drom For Du Dor: [Montreal QC]
Grace Brooks – voice
Alex Pelchat – guitar


Electronic Round Robin:
Joey Bastardo – analog synth [Worcester MA]
Christos Koulendros – analog synth [Lowell MA]
David Kontak – homebrew instruments [Concord NH]
Mickey O’Hara – electronics [Worcester MA]
David Russell – analog synth [Greenfield MA]
Dave Seidel – electronics [Peterborough NH]
Abdul Sherzai – electronics [Worcester MA]

ensemble inedit: [Boston MA]
Joe Burgio – artistic director
Katerine Gagnon, Kristiana Hubley, Andrea Rios, Andrea West – movement
Kevin Dacey, Joshua Hahn, Matt Samolis, Walter Wright – sound

Fujiwara Xhrist:
Junko Fujiwara – cello
Dei Xhrist – voice

Joe Galuppo – vocals, guitar [New York or New Jersey]
Sound here.

Gamma Pope: [Boston MA]
need lineup
Sound here.

Germaine Hagan: [Jamaica Plain MA]
Stephanie Marie Germaine – steph stuph
Travis Hagan – electronics

Ben Hersey – performance [Easthampton MA]

Loup-Garou: [Lowell MA]
Setheyny Pen & Walter Wright – drums, electronics

Man Dancing aka Steve Kelly – vocals, guitar [New Jersey]
Sound here.

Shorty Mc – ukulele, vocals [Greenfield MA]

Packrat – guitar, vocals [Lowell MA]

Eric Sack – video [Lowell MA]

Angela Sawyer – suitcase of audio delight, voice [Jamaica Plain MA]

Crank Sturgeon – himself [Husolandia]

Peter J Woods – performance [Boston MA]

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Slideshow–Exhibitions & Events http://www.119gallery.org/?p=12102 http://www.119gallery.org/?p=12102#comments Wed, 01 Apr 2015 16:00:51 +0000 http://www.119gallery.org/?p=12102

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XFest 2015 http://www.119gallery.org/?p=12465 http://www.119gallery.org/?p=12465#comments Sat, 31 Jan 2015 16:00:12 +0000 http://www.119gallery.org/?p=12465 Continue reading ]]> Friday February 27-Sunday March 1, FREE
Gateway City Arts, 92 Race St, Holyoke MA

Xfest small2


Open Field Initiative, 119 Gallery and Gateway City Arts present XFest 2015, a festival of improvised music, visuals and movement.

The format of the festival is simple and challenging: on Friday and Saturday nights 24 visiting artists and 72 local artists perform in 24 20min sets, 12 sets per night. On Saturday afternoon we plan to run workshops and open sessions. On Sunday afternoon local artists meet and local groups perform.

“Improvisation can give us the skills to deal with many social and aesthetic issues of the twenty-first century. Although we have become adept at talking about aesthetic hybridity, cultural alerity, crossing borders (both earthly and cyber), and global fusion; few of us have really studied what physical and intellectual practice will make our bodies and minds ready for this brave new world … Improvisation can lead us out of our habitual responses by opening up alternative experiences – new physical sensations and appetites … Although this practice begins with attentiveness to corporeal experience it also develops a mental flexibility that can provide an intellectual map with which to chart new pathways for negotiating awkward and difficult crossings.”
~ Ann Cooper Albright, Taken By Surprise


  6:00pm – Dinner, meet & greet.

  7:00pm – Videos by Torsten Zenas Burns & Darrin Martin (stage 1)

  7:30pm – Shayna Dulberger, Matt Weston, Mitchel K Ahern, Heather Downing (stage 2)
  7:50pm – David Drucker, Chris Welcome, Andy Allen, Kristen Dye (stage 3)
  8:10pm – Jill Burton, Jack Wright, Adam Matlock, Noell Dorsey, Gregory Kowalski (stage 1)
  8:30pm – Zach Darrup, Arkm Foam, Ben Hersey, Mickey O’Hara (stage 2)
  8:50pm – Alex Pelchat, Jeff Balter, Stephanie Marie Germaine (stage 3)
  9:10pm – flandrew fleisenberg, Scott Prato, Matt Azevedo, Mia Friedman, Steve Norton (stage 1)
  9:30pm – Bonnie Kane, Michael Peters, Joey Bastardo, Forbes Graham (stage 2)
  9:50pm – Brendan Landis, Farley Miller, Conrad Benjamin, James Ham (stage 3)
10:10pm – Steve Norton, Matt Robidoux, Leslie Ross (stage 1)
10:30pm – Evan Lipson, Brian McCorkle, Adam Bosse, Michael F Dailey Jr, Gene Nichols (stage 2)
10:50pm – Al Margolis, Jimmy Hughes, Dave Seidel (stage 3)
11:10pm – Dave Grollman, Andrea Pensado, Vic Rawlings (stage 1)
              – Jenifer Gelineau – mc
              – Robo Rob – dj
              – Jonas Behrs, Gregory Kowalski, Katherine Liberovskaya – video
              – Asimina Chremos, Teresa Czepiel, Loren Groenendaal, Paul Kafka-Gibbons – movement (stage 1)


11:00am – Brunch

  2:00pm – Movement Workshop with Asimina Chremos (stage 1)
  3:00pm – Improv Workshop with Vic Rawlings (stage 1)
  4:00pm – Improv Workshop with Joe Burgio (stage 1)
  5:00pm – Improv Workshop with Jack Wright (stage 1)
              – open sessions in the green room, signup on site

  6:00pm – Dinner

  7:00pm – Videos by Torsten Zenas Burns (stage 1)

  7:30pm – Farley Miller, Jack Wright, Joe Brown, Emma Jones, John Singer (stage 2)
  7:50pm – Brendan Landis, Al Margolis, Neil Young Cloaca, Christos Koulendros, Gregory Tessier (stage 3)
  8:10pm – Chris Welcome, Nate Brennan, Duane Ingalls, Abdul Sherzai (stage 1)
  8:30pm – Alex Pelchat, Matt Weston, i’d m Theftable, Dei Xhrist (stage 2)
  8:50pm – Dave Grollman, Tom Crean, Kate Lee, Frank Turek (stage 3)
  9:10pm – Farley Miller, Scott Prato, Marc Bisson, Cybile Collins (stage 1)
  9:30pm – Jill Burton, Michael Peters, Rick Breault, Kevin Dacey, David Russell (stage 2)
  9:50pm – Zach Darrup, Andy Crespo, Ted Lee, Angela Sawyer (stage 3)
10:10pm – Bonnie Kane, Evan Lipson, David Kontak, Crank Sturgeon (stage 1)
10:30pm – David Drucker, Matt Azevedo, Nick Dentico (stage 2)
10:50pm – Shayna Dulberger, flandrew fleisenberg, Jenifer Gelineau, Michael Barrett, Steve Norton (Stage 3)
11:10pm – Brian McCorkle, Erich Haygun, Michael F Dailey Jr, Seamus Williams (stage 1)
              – Erich Haygun – mc
              – Robo Rob – dj
              – Jonas Behrs, Katherine Liberovskaya – video
              – Joe Burgio, Asimina Chremos, Teresa Czepiel, Loren Groenendaal, Paul Kafka-Gibbons – movement (stage 1)


11:00am – Brunch

  2:00pm – ensemble inedit: Joe Burgio’s improvised movement and sound group (stage 1)
  2:20pm – Palimpsest: Laurie Amat, Dave Seidel (stage 2)
  2:40pm – Erich Haygun – monologue (stage 3)
  3:00pm – Oh Canada!: Farley Miller, Alex Pelchat, Walter Wright (stage 1)
  3:20pm – Les Trois Etoile: Duane Ingalls, Gene Nichols, Leslie Ross (stage 2)
  3:40pm – Ben Hersey – monologue (stage 3)
  4:00pm – Jack Wright Group: Jack Wright, Zach Darrup, Evan Lipson (stage 1)
  4:20pm – Phurnne: Andrea Pensado, Jenifer Gelineau, Stephanie Marie Germaine (stage 2)
  4:40pm – i’d m Theftable – himself (stage 3)

This year’s XFest features art installations by Alicia Renadette and Stephanie Marie Germaine.

Open Field Initiative is a support apparatus for new, cutting-edge music and arts. OFI is centered in the Pioneer Valley, provides support throughout the New England region, and is run collectively by practicing artists. 119 Gallery is a non-profit organization that promotes contemporary and new media art. Gateway City Arts is a flexible co-working space for artists and creatives, ideal for making, teaching, and performing art in a variety of disciplines. XFest 2015 is sponsored in part by the Holyoke Local Cultural Council and Massachusetts Cultural Council.

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Curse Purse + BIG MESS + ian kovac Jr. Jr. + New England Patriots + KSW Trio + PHURNNE http://www.119gallery.org/?p=12392 http://www.119gallery.org/?p=12392#comments Sat, 20 Dec 2014 16:00:04 +0000 http://www.119gallery.org/?p=12392 Continue reading ]]> Saturday December 20 @ 8pm


Curse Purse: [Northampton MA]
Miss Olivia, Ted, Matt
BIG MESS: [Lowell MA]
Nick, Oliva, Nick
ian kovac jr. jr. [Boston MA]
New England Patriots: [Boston MA]
Koulendros Seidel Wright Trio: [Peterborough NH, Lowell MA]
Christos, Dave, Walter – electronics, percussion
PHURNNE: [Holyoke, Salem Lowell MA]
Jenifer, Stephanie Marie, Andrea

And the lineup is –

  8:30pm KSW
  9:00pm ian kovac jr jr
  9:30pm PHURNNE
10:15pm BIG MESS
11:00pm Curse Purse
12:00pm New England Patriots

Produced by Walter and Steph.

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Bad Smell + GNäRDS + Masingo + BopAnts http://www.119gallery.org/?p=12404 http://www.119gallery.org/?p=12404#comments Sat, 13 Dec 2014 16:00:06 +0000 http://www.119gallery.org/?p=12404 Continue reading ]]> Saturday December 13 @ 8pm


Bad Smell: Raph and Jane [Burlington VT]
Bad Smell is the newest in trance/dance/france/pants excitement. Watch this –
GNäRDS: Peter, Abdul, Jamie [Worcester MA]
GNäRDS started in July 2013. Our first Tape GNäRDS – DEEP! was just self-released by us. Come pick up a copy at a show! or we’ll mail you one for 7 dollars (shipping included!)
Masingo: Jimmy, Ben [Lowell MA]
Guitar and beer and drums and beer, duck & cover, listen up
BopAnts: Marc, Steph, Heather, Walter [Manchester, Nashua NH, Lowell MA]
Post pysch-rock from the heart of the sun, or somewhere, sounds everywhere

Produced by Walter

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Bent Knee + Omhouse + Speed Trials + Judy Chong http://www.119gallery.org/?p=12272 http://www.119gallery.org/?p=12272#comments Mon, 24 Nov 2014 16:00:28 +0000 http://www.119gallery.org/?p=12272 Continue reading ]]> Monday November 24 8pm

MONDAY NIGHT THRILLS AND TRILLS! Let’s have a blast. Donate to the touring musicians and the venue, please !!!

Bent Knee

Bent Knee: [Boston MA]
Courtney Swain – vocals, keys
Ben Levin – guitar
Chris Baum – violin
Jessica Kion – bass
Gavin Wallace-Ailsworth – drums
Vince Welch – producer, sound design
Sound here.
Omhouse: [Toronto ON]
Steven Foster
Evan Cartwright
Sam Tallon Gleason
Ben Harney
Sound here.
Speed Trials: [Lowell MA]
Ben Raymond – guitar, vocals
Evan Kelley – guitar, vocals
Kevin Dwyer – bass
Jon Kohen – drums, vocals
Sound here.
Judy Chong solo guitar, ukelele, vocals [Lowell MA]
Sounds here.

Produced by Vick.

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Slingshot Dakota + Petal + Choke Up + Hold Ups http://www.119gallery.org/?p=12386 http://www.119gallery.org/?p=12386#comments Sun, 23 Nov 2014 09:56:09 +0000 http://www.119gallery.org/?p=12386 Continue reading ]]> Sunday December 7 @ 8pm

Wow! Hey! What a show! Come join us at the 119 Gallery for a fantastic night of music from some fantastic bands. There is no cover charge at the door, however if you could bring a few dollars to support our friends from PA that would be great. We’ll also be running a canned food drive, so 2 pieces of canned or non-perishable food are mandatory to get in. All proceeds will be going to the Merrimack Valley Food Pantry. This is a community art space, so please respect the art that may be on the walls or else where in the venue. Most importantly, don’t be a CONE HEAD!


Slingshot Dakota (Bethlehem PA)
One of Topshelf Records’ best acts to date. Fantastic indie, emo punk that the whole family can enjoy!

Petal (Scranton PA)
Newcomers to Boston indie label, Run for Cover Records, Petal is a rad gang of guys and dolls who produce awesome indie rock, an act that should not be missed.

Choke Up (Boston MA)
One of Boston’s favorite punk bands, Choke Up will literally kick your ass with their music. Put your dancin’ shoes on for these boys.

Hold Ups (Milford NH)
Local favorites are gonna warm your toes right up for the rest of these rad bands. Some classic melodic hardcore pop punk for your little ear drums.

Produced by Vick

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Doin’ It Together Fest http://www.119gallery.org/?p=12318 http://www.119gallery.org/?p=12318#comments Sat, 22 Nov 2014 15:00:29 +0000 http://www.119gallery.org/?p=12318 Continue reading ]]> Friday- Saturday November 21-22 6:30pm


Since 2009 Lowell Massachusetts’ one day band swap! Again this year will be held at 119 Gallery.

Doin’ It Together Fest brings together musicians from all over New England for one weekend. The challenge is to write new music with people you have never been in a band with before. We are looking for new musicians this year! Fill out our online form for registration: https://stephlak.wufoo.com/forms/doin-it-together-fest/

Friday November 21st is when the band rosters will be released, come to 119 Gallery from 7pm to 9pm and meet your bandmates. This is a great opportunity to brainstorm ideas for your project and figure out practice times for the next day! This year we will give a free DITF tee-shirt to each band member that can make part of Friday evening. We will also have an open mic and refreshments will be served.

Saturday November 22nd is the busiest day of all! Meet with your bandmates at the predetermined practice space at the time you agreed on. You have all day to write 25 minutes of music. We ask that you meet back at 119 Gallery by 6:30pm for a free dinner and to check in. The lineup for the show will be available at 6:30pm. The show will begin around 8pm.

We hope to film all the bands this year and make this the biggest and best DITF yet!

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Oh Wow + OJ + Speed Trials http://www.119gallery.org/?p=12383 http://www.119gallery.org/?p=12383#comments Fri, 14 Nov 2014 16:25:10 +0000 http://www.119gallery.org/?p=12383 Continue reading ]]> Tuesday November 18 8pm


Sometimes there’s some Speed Trials, but, Oh WOW, it’s a special treat, OJ!

OJ [Worcester magic]
Sounds here.
Speed Trials [Lowell good stuff]
Sound here.
Oh Wow [Lowell’s magic]
Sound here.

Spend your night at 119 Gallery, with these three bands. Nope, don’t miss it!
Doors at 8pm, we’ll be starting at 8:30.

Cover art by Mr Ben Frassa of Lowell MA. Produced by Stephanie.

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