AMICA Exhibition

Tuesday April 15 – Saturday May 10 free, all ages

Gallery hours: 12noon-5pm
Reception: Sunday April 27, 1-5pm


119 Gallery showcases a selection of instruments from the collection of AMICA, Automatic Musical Instrument Collectors Association, Boston Chapter. Hand-cranked music boxes and organs dating from the mid-1800s. On Sunday April 27, there will be a guided tour and demonstrations, conducted by restorers Chris Christiansen, Tom Ahearn, and Chapter President Kirk Russell.

200 years before the iPod, music boxes and organs brought reproducible entertainment to the privacy of one’s home. Popular tunes were distributed on paper rolls, discs of metal or paper, or rollers with wire pins that plucked tuned combs or opened air valves to create a tone. From tiny wind-up music boxes to massive pipe organs, mechanical instruments come to life when their knobs, cranks, and bellows set them in motion. These curious objects have a history fraught with patent infringements, curious advertising, and brilliant experiments in development and production.


Visitors will see an 1880s Gem Roller Organ; a Mechanical Orguinette Co. direct action music box; a 10 song cylinder box; a player piano; bellows materials, reeds, valves, and children’s toys.

Curated by Dei Xhrist.

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Members’ Mural Competition

Submission Deadline: Friday May 9 5pm

mural panels

119 Gallery requests proposals from our members for a mural on the front of the gallery. This is our sixth annual mural competition. Previous artists’ works were executed in 2008-2012.

Project Description: This will be a multi-artist, multi-panel mural on Chelmsford Street. Highly visible, this is a primary vehicle corridor to downtown Lowell with extensive foot traffic. The mural will remain in place for 2 years.

We are opening the call to all 119 Gallery members, and dividing the mural into (10) 9′ high x 2′ wide vertical bands, one per artist. We hope for more responses than ever, as no one artist is responsible for painting the entire facade! We look forward to a mural that reflects Lowell, our gallery community, and our mission. An open theme, artists are encouraged to submit work that is appropriate to the site, and reflects the character and diversity of the gallery.

Selection Process: A committee appointed by our trustees will select the 10 winning proposals.

Items To Submit:
1) Sketch(es) of proposed work
2) Description of work and brief narrative
3) Artist’s resume
4) Images of 3 previous works
5) Estimated budget for materials

Timeline: 119 Gallery will announce the winners by Sunday May 25. Work begins on Monday May 26, our annual Memorial Day BBQ. Work is to be completed for Lowell Folk Festival, by Friday July 25, 2014.

Submit materials directly to the gallery Tue-Sat 12noon-5pm, or to

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Memorial Day BBQ

Monday May 26 2pm-12midnite


Looking for volunteers to help with the mural, see the Mural Competition announcement here.

Looking for performers of all kinds, poets, dancers, jugglers, live art and, of course, bands. If’n you would like to play please contact Mary Ann, Walter or Vicky asap -
artgal119 at gmail dot com
artguy at 119gallery dot org
Victoria_Belakhov at student.uml dot edu

  2pm – Potluck BBQ, mural planting, biking &or sk8ing
  4pm – Open Mic inside
  8pm – Bands inside, late night

Letter Castle: [Boston MA]
Matt Delligatti – guitar
Brittany Karlson – bass
Nick Neuburg – drums
Video here.
Bent Knee: [Boston MA]
Courtney Swain – vocals & keyboards
Ben Levin – guitar
Chris Baum – violin
Jessica Kion – bass
Gavin Wallace-Ailsworth – drums
Vince Welch – production & sound design
Video here.

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what’s happened [everything below this line]


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Pless + Moon + McKillop + Trashboat

Friday April 11 8pm, donations most welcome!


Come on out for a good ol’ time! Matt Pless and Francie Moon are touring to every corner of this country so come show them some luvvvv and support!

Matt Pless – solo guitar, voice [Brooklyn NY]
Francie Moon – solo guitar, voice [Montague NJ]
Greg McKillop – solo guitar, voice [Portland, ME]
Trashboat: [Lowell MA]
Dan – trash
Gabby – debris
Chris – refuse
Vicky – garbage
Chris – dregs
Lee – junk
Jon – litter

Produced by Vicky.

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a space such as this

Tuesday March 11 – Saturday April 5
rebecca scott newhouse


Gallery hours: Tuesday-Saturday 12noon-5pm
Reception: Friday March 28 6-9pm

a space such as this
(or a space such as that)

If you look you may find three specific areas of the studio: the table, to work with your hands, the wall, to look with your mind and think through your eyes, and the floor, where you think with your body. Yet what you’ll see or what you’ll conclude (in a space such as this (or a space such as that)) is: how the objects fight to stand.

The 119 Gallery presents Rebecca Scott Newhouse and her first solo exhibition. Newhouse is a current graduate sculpture student, finishing up her first year at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. This exhibition is composed by a series of sculptures, depicting her search for new stance in materiality and the divorce between thought process and outcome.
Co-curated by Eileen Ryan and Duy Hoang

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Call for Entries: HerStory

HerStory: A Tribute to the Female Pioneers of Photography

Lowell Photography Weekend, May 17-18, 2014


This exhibit will pay tribute to the often overlooked female pioneers of photography. Each photographer will pay tribute to 1-2 photographers who have inspired them in their own work.

If interested in participating, please submit a proposal with a sample of the work (jpeg) you’d like to exhibit to –

Email: Giovanna here.
Limit: 1-2 pieces per tribute
Deadline: March 31, 2014

Curated by Giovanna Aviles. Photo by Berenice Abbott.

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Sunday March 23 6pm, donations appreciated!


Annual Spring Equinox Whitehaus Family Showcase is expanding …

Egg, Eggs!: [Western MA]
Jen Gelineau – violin
Miss Olivia Kennett – keys
Ted Lee – bowed metal
Sophie Leetma – electric harp
Shorty Mc – prepared ukelele and banjo
Brett Renaud – noise
David Russell – vocals
Sound here.
Duo Tyto Alba: [Boston MA]
Thadd Comstock – dream guitar
Matt Samolis – flute
Videos here and here.
I’d m Thfft Able – voce, audio paraphernalia [Portland ME]
Wash and Gouache: [??? Cambridge Medford MA]
Jesse Collins – trumpet, electronics
Steve Norton – reeds, electronics, percussion
Angela Sawyer – suitcase of audio delights, voice
A JP Sound: [Ja Mocha Plane MA]
Arkm Foam – manipulation
Erich Haygun – gong/mouth
Con Tex – outsider brilliance
Andy Allen – woods/wind
Bisson Xhrist Duo: [Manchester NH]
deiX – voice, electronics
Marc Bisson – guitar, objects
Dailey Wright Duo: [Lowell MA]
Michael F Dailey Jr & Walter Wright – drums
Safer Streams: [Lowell MA]
Jeff Borski – guitar
Paul Kenney – bass
Angie Bruce – drums, vocals
Princess Chan – poet [Lowell MA]
Ricky Orng – poet [Lowell MA]
Erich Haygun – poet [Jamaica Plain MA]
Ryan Baker’s Fiasco: [North Andover MA]
Ryan Baker – guitar
deiX – voice, electronics
Lee Martin – whatever
Walter Wright – drums
The Big Lie: [Somerville MA]
Ryan Baker – guitar
Jesse Collins – trumpet
FOAM – tape cassettes
Steve Norton – reeds
Andrea Pensado – laptop, voice
Matt Samolis – flute
Walter Wright – drums
performing Joe Burgio’s score “Blastfest R Us”

Lineup & times: Please be set up to play at these times. Do you need the PA, let me know in advance -

  5:30pm – doors open, prelim setup & sound checks
  6:00pm – Big Lie
  6:20pm – Ryan Baker’s Fiasco
  6:40pm – Duo Tyto Alba
  7:00pm – Ricky Orng
  7:20pm – Wash & Gouache
  7:40pm – Bisson Xhrist Duo
  8:00pm – Princess Chan
  8:20pm – Dailey Wright Duo
  8:40pm – Best of JP Sound
  9:00pm – Erich Haygun
  9:20pm – i’d m Thfft Able
  9:40pm – Safer Streams
10:00pm – Egg, Eggs!

Produced by 119 Gallery and Whitehaus Family Record.

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Greg Gorlen + Painted Faces + Hey Exit + Lean

Saturday March 22 8pm, donations welcomed!


Greg Gorlen – solo electronics [San Francisco CA]
Painted Faces aka David Drucker [New York NY]
Hey Exit aka Brendan Landis – solo electronics, guitar [Brooklyn NY]
Lean: [Worcester MA]
Mickey O’Hara and Seamus Williams – electronics

Produced by 119 Gallery.

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Wish for Skin + File Cabinet + Tape Face + Shoshone Man With A Claw For A Hand

Friday March 21 8pm, donations appreciated!


Wish For Skin: [Western MA]
Erik Brown – electronics, vocals
Will Henriksen – violin
Sound here.
File Cabinet: [Fitchburg MA]
Bryan Culkins – bass
Jeffrey Gallagher – keyboard loops
Tape Face aka Jake, solo electronics [Fitchburg MA]
Sound here.
Shoshone Man With A Claw For A Hand [Lowell MA]
Charlie Gregson (Oh Wow) – electronics, vocals
Jim Warren (Inspector 34) – electronics, vocals

Produced by 119 Gallery and Jeffrey Gallagher.

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